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Comodo System Utilities PRO
Comodo System Utilities PRO

Comodo System Utilities Pro

  • All-in-one registry, system and privacy cleaning software
  • Includes advanced features such as registry protection, safe delete, instant scan and real time cleaning
  • Get the world's best system maintenance tool from as little as $0.07 per day

$29.99 per year

Discounts available for 2 and 3 year licenses


Comodo System Utilities Pro
Free Trial

  • Trial version has all advanced features enabled with certain restrictions
  • Trial is for unlimited duration - license will never expire

Even More Features

Take a look at what else you get with this extraordinary software.

Versatile scheduling system

Flexible scheduler allows you to specify individual Registry, Privacy and Disk cleaning scans to run at times that suit you.

Easy to use interface

No need for a user manual. Our interface is so simple that everyone can take advantage of this powerful software within minutes.

File shredder

Our permanent file eraser is compliant with Department of Defense standards to make sure data you delete cannot be recovered by anyone.

Duplicate remover

Searches your computer and finds all duplicate files, even if they are saved under different filenames, freeing up disk space and removing needless clutter.


By using our SafeDelete™ patented technology, you can immediately restore files that were removed by the previous cleaning process.

Registry protection

During a cleaning process, some valid registry entries might be removed by mistake. Our patented registry protection technology lets you restore them with ease.

Remove locked files

Ever see the message 'Windows cannot delete/move this file because it is being used by another process'? 'Force Delete' allows you to have the file automatically removed after the next restart.

Registry defrag

Over time, the file structure of the registry becomes disorganized and inefficient. The Registry Defrag tool further improves performance by compacting the registry back to optimum condition.

Autorun manager

Makes it easy for you to choose which programs and services are loaded at Windows startup - helping further improve computer performance by eliminating unnecessary items.

Comodo System Utilities
Keep Your PC In Top Shape

Comodo System Utilities combination of Registry cleaner, Privacy cleaner and Disk Cleaner squeezes the maximum performance out of your computer - and keeps it that way.

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